Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Video editing and the rest of my crazy day!

Well, today I started my day with finishing up the editing of my video.  My husband bought a GoPro camera and I am learning how to edit the videos and make them into a movie and add music.  It's pretty fun stuff!! It's taken me a while to learn it all and work through the kinks of the different editing software available. I'm in no financial shape to pay for any fancy software so I finally just found that Windows Movie Maker was the best for me.  And I think I did pretty darn good for a rookie!!  You can check it out here if you would like.  I'll put the youtube link below for ya.  It's all bmx videos of my husband and all the girls at the local skate park and on our trip to Colorado.  I personally just adore it!

My day kind of went nuts after that.  I tried posting it to FB and they took it off for copyright violations!!  It's MY VIDEO!!! Anyway, I had that fixed and it's there now so my husband is happy so he can show his buddies.  Score 2 points for Mama Lauren!!  Woot Woot!!  My mom called to let me know about the condition of my nephew and during the conversation my 3 year old , Sophie, who cannot stand me giving my attention to the phone, completely ruined the conversation and I had to let her go early.  I hate that as she lives far away and I miss her so much.  Then shortly after that my Dad called.  Well sweet little Sophie did the same thing there too.  Starving for attention?? She gets my attention ALL DANG DAY LONG!!!  Why can't I have 10 minutes to have an adult conversation??  Because I'm a mom, that's why!!!  Price we pay, right?  We can't talk on the phone or pee in privacy!!  haha!!

Next up was doing my cleaning for the day.  Did as much as could in the pain I am in.  Until I got my foot wrapped in the vacuum cord and fell on the floor.  WHAM!!  Now I have back pain to add to my list of pain ridden body parts.  Bleh.  

Does anyone else ever feel like they just want to run and hide??  I think my life is comical in a way but sometimes it is just too much to take!!  I know I am so blessed, let's not ever forget that, but don't we all have days when it's just too much?  I'm just tired of hurting constantly.

My video...check it out and tell me what you think!!