Thursday, September 5, 2013

Putting off cleaning. Need some prayers for my nephew.

Well I am hurting too bad to clean up right now.  My sink is full of dishes from last night and this morning and I just can't seem to stand long enough to get it done so I'll do this for a bit.  I'll tell you a little about my afternoon.  I gave Sophie a bath and did my make up.  Didn't shower but oh well.  I must sound lazy but it's just one of those dang days.  Sophie is playing and I can hear her talking with herself in the next room.  I love that.  She has started talking so much.  Smart kiddo.  I think the treatments for pain are working some.  However it will be some time before I get full effects.  Patience, Lauren!!  And I fell in the bathroom last night so now my back hurts on top of everything else.  Just my luck!!  Sophie is having a blast talking to herself.. haha.  She really is a trip.  I love that kid.  The twins should be home in an hour and a half.  That gives me a little more time to attempt cleaning again and enjoy more quiet time before the real chaos begins.  I feel happy today!  Feels good to say that :)  

On a totally different subject, I found out last night that my nephew has been cutting himself and then yesterday his teacher found a picture he had drawn that was extremely disturbing.  He's had a rough childhood.  He's 15 now.  Well he is in the hospital now being treated by psychiatrists.  If you pray please pray for him and the family.  He's a precious kid with a huge heart.  Just needs some positive guidance right now.  That's a tough age he is at.  I remember feeling so alone sometimes.  I love him so much and this just brakes my heart.  

Well I better get to those dishes and the laundry before my husband comes home and gets pissy.  See I told you I was not a perfect housewife!!  If you know of one, let me meet her!!