Monday, October 14, 2013

Need a Prayer...Feeling like Debbie Downer

I am feeling so guilty about how much this IC is affecting my life right now.  I am in severe pain due to the cystoscopy I had done on Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be hard for a couple of days but that was 6 days ago!!!! My family is having to do everything and I feel like my husband is so unhappy because of this.  I feel like he doesn't think I'm doing my part around the household.  I know that is not how he feels in reality but my mind is going crazy with guilty feelings!!  All I can say to him is "I'm so sorry baby".  This has been such a long and severe recovery that I called the doctor today to find out if this is normal or if I need to be seen again.  She said that my bladder is probably just so damaged that it was super sensitive to the procedure and the distillation they did during.  She prescribed me some Valium hoping that they would calm the muscle spasms in that area.  I pray that it works.  I have physical therapy on Wednesday with her and I cannot imagine PT with this pain.  Also, procedure could have caused an infection to develop so now I have to drive 40 mins. to the office to leave a urine sample as soon as I can get to feeling well enough to get out of the house with a 3 yr old.  And all of these meds are not good to drive on.....GRRRRRR  I just need some prayers guys!!  If you have a chance...send one up for me.  Thank you

That's my you guys