Monday, December 23, 2013


Hi everyone!!  I've been so busy with the Holidays and feeling just plum crummy that I haven't kept up with my blog lately.  I'm sorry to those of you that enjoy reading it.  I'll be on more, I promise!!  I really do have a lot to say!!  You guys are my saving grace as far as letting my life off my chest!!  I am working really hard on my Etsy Shop and it's going alright.  I know it's new.  I just opened on Nov. 9th so people are still not aware of it.  But I am disappointed in a way at how few sales I have made.  It's a bit frustrating.  But I'm going to stick with it and keep promoting and pray that God will bring me success!!  It will come!! I just know it!!  I'm running a big sale if you want to see if there may be anything you might like!!  Most everything is already marked down to 20% off and I have now added a Coupon Code for FREE SHIPPING if you buy $40 or more!!  I'm also trying to add new items each day.  Some days I'm so busy that it's tough to do that, but I'm doing my best to bring a wide variety of options to meet everyone's tastes!!  So visit my shop and use Coupon Code SANTA to receive FREE SHIPPING on a purchase of $40 or more!!  Here's my new ad and the link to my Etsy shop:
Lollishop Creations Jewelry on Etsy (my shop)Lollishop Creations Jewelry on Etsy (my shop)

Also please go and "Like" my Facebook page!! Lollishop Creations on Facebook

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Lauren :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

December Sale and Clearance in my Etsy shop!!

Most everything is on sale and a few clearance items too!!  I ship out within 1-3 days in most cases.  So if you need a unique gift for anyone on your list or a treat for yourself, please come take a look at all of my beautiful pieces!!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Losing My Gut While Gaining my INSANITY!!: Meltdowns Galore! What fun!!

Losing My Gut While Gaining my INSANITY!!: Meltdowns Galore! What fun!!

Need a Prayer...Feeling like Debbie Downer

I am feeling so guilty about how much this IC is affecting my life right now.  I am in severe pain due to the cystoscopy I had done on Tuesday.  I knew it was going to be hard for a couple of days but that was 6 days ago!!!! My family is having to do everything and I feel like my husband is so unhappy because of this.  I feel like he doesn't think I'm doing my part around the household.  I know that is not how he feels in reality but my mind is going crazy with guilty feelings!!  All I can say to him is "I'm so sorry baby".  This has been such a long and severe recovery that I called the doctor today to find out if this is normal or if I need to be seen again.  She said that my bladder is probably just so damaged that it was super sensitive to the procedure and the distillation they did during.  She prescribed me some Valium hoping that they would calm the muscle spasms in that area.  I pray that it works.  I have physical therapy on Wednesday with her and I cannot imagine PT with this pain.  Also, procedure could have caused an infection to develop so now I have to drive 40 mins. to the office to leave a urine sample as soon as I can get to feeling well enough to get out of the house with a 3 yr old.  And all of these meds are not good to drive on.....GRRRRRR  I just need some prayers guys!!  If you have a chance...send one up for me.  Thank you

That's my you guys

Day 4!!! 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge!!

Here is Day 4 of my 30 Day Challenge:
 This one was tough because it made me think a lot about how my IC has effected my family and friends.  By the way, I consider my friends to be the amazing and supportive people I have met through social media with all sorts of chronic illnesses and the great group of people I have met since I have started blogging.  I can't say I have many real friends that are in my everyday life outside of Facebook, Instagram, and here.  A lot of them just kind of faded away because I can't get out and do their "nights out at the clubs" or their little parties.  I have a few, yes, but not as close as the relationships I am developing here.  My husband, children, brother, and parents are my best friends and always will be.  I'm happy with that!!

Here's my Mama!!  I could so use one of her big beautiful hugs right now!!  Love you Mama

The Sunshine Award

Hi there!!  Welcome to my silly little Real Life as Lauren Blog!!  I like to write about my day to day experiences with my chaotic life, my 3 young girls, and my chronic pain illness called Interstitial Cystitis.  Mostly my family life and how I feel about things we go through.  I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by my sweet dear friend Shalunya @
I feel tickled pink about being nominated!!  Please go check her out.  
She posts about anything from everyday life to makeup and beauty.  
She does amazing reviews of products you can find 
anywhere!!  I love reading her posts!! 
The Sunshine Award is given to those who inspire us and 
bring Sunshine into our lives.

There are a few simple rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Include Award Logo in or on your blog post
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself
4. Nominate other bloggers to give this award

Ok, now here is my Q & A!!

1.  How long have you been blogging?  Why did you start?

I just started blogging at the beginning of September of this year.  I had always wanted to try it but never felt like I had anything interesting to blog about!!  I have always loved keeping a journal so when arthritis hit my right hand I thought I would turn journaling into blogging!!  And as a chronic illness patient with Interstitial Cystitis, this gives me an excellent form of therapy to get through my struggles.  I love it!!

2.   Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think my inspiration comes mostly from my heart.  I tend to just vent a lot!!  I let it all out!  If I can't do it here...where can I do it?  I also have gotten inspired by many of the bloggers I have met along the way.  I've met so many great, beautiful, and inspiring people.  Maybe one day I can turn it into a means of financial income or put it all into a book!!  I have always wanted to do that!

3.   What is your dream job?

Wow..I think my dream job has always been to be a hair stylist.  I worked as management in the industry for 11 years before I had children.  I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the people I would come across every day.  Very interesting people :)  The job itself was fantastic.  If I could go back, I would have gone to Cosmetology School and given it everything I had and become the best stylist the stars could pay for!!  I would be great at it!!

4.   If you could date any celebrity, who would you pick?

Hmm....That's a tough one!!  I don't think I would date him, I would love to spend a day with Paul Rudd.  He just seems so laid back and fun.  He's cute and funny...what more can you ask for?? I loved him in Wanderlust!!  He is just adorable in every way!!  Don't you think so??!!

5.  If you could be on any TV show what would you be on?

I would love to be on Survivor!!  I have seen every episode of every season since it started.  Although, my IC would probably not allow for that!!  Ha!  I can just imagine me with my terrible pain trying to be on Survivor!!  But if I was totally healthy that is what I would do!!  Big Brother has always been one I wanted to be on too.

6.  What is your favorite season for fashion?

Definitely Fall!!!  I love wearing scarves and boots and the laid back, comfy, yet trendy looks of fall fashion are just my style!

7.  What is on your Christmas Wish List?

I could think of a million things!!  I really want some new fall clothes now that I have posted those pictures!!  I would love a new phone.  But mostly I want to be able to go to Georgia and be with my family at Christmas.  It's been 3 years since I have spent Christmas with them.  I miss them so much and my Mama's cooking.  The smell of their house is so comforting.  After all I have been through, I really just want to see my Mom and Daddy.

8.  Foundation, Eyeliner, or Mascara?

Wow, I guess I have to pick one.  I suppose it would be foundation.  I have pretty dry skin and it gets really red in spots so I love to use a creme to powder foundation on top of a good moisturizer.  Then I feel more confident in myself.  But you have to at least have some mascara too!!

9.  What's your favorite color?

Blue.  But I mostly wear gray, black, and pink.  I couldn't just pick

10.  How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I wanted my blog to be just about my life.  It started out as just a journal, really.  And my life is not perfect by any means.  It is REAL!!  So my blog is!!  Simple as that!!

Ok...Now for My Nominations!!!  Drumroll..........

         1.  Kristan Price
       2.  Sandy Ramsey  
       3.  Marisa H. 
4.  Sara Green   
  5.  Sarah Layman
6.   Betty Taylor

There you have it!!  You have all been nominated for The Sunshine Award!!!  Now answer these
questions and do your own nominations!!  Have fun and congrats!!  You have all been an inspiration to me!!


1. Tell us about your blog in one paragraph.

2. What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

3. You're having a fabulous dinner party. Which three celebrities would invite and why?

4. You are giving a motivational speech to a captive audience of thousands. What are you speaking about?

5. Tell us three really random things about you.

6. For one month, your blog can only be read by men. Give us a small sampling of what you'd write.

7. Show us a silly or quirky picture of you from when you are younger.

8. Does your immediate family and your close friends know that you blog? Do they read your blog?

9. Generations after you've passed your grandchildren discover your blog. What lessons could they learn from your blog?

10. Five years from now, are you still blogging? Is your content still the same? What goals have you achieved?

Have a Wonderful Day!!!