Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Car Shopping Frustration!!!

We are looking for a used mini-van.  Being down to one car in a family of 5 isn't easy.  My husband takes the car to work all day and I have to plan doctors appointments and school events around his schedule.  Also my errands all have to be ran after 5 when he gets home.  So I am praying that we come across something good very soon.  We had one guy with a great van and a great price lined up to check his van out tonight.  Well all of the sudden he wants to go to the DMV with my husband who works all day and can't take off to do something like that!!  He wound up sounding really sketchy and we decided it was not even worth the hour drive it would take to go look at it.

It is tough trying to look for a car when you have crap for credit!!  Going through craigslist can be risky.  And the dealers all have already tacked on their own profit into the price of the vehicle.  Pray for a great family van for the Smith Family!!!!  I need to get out of this stinkin house and take Sophie to the park!!  This looks nice :)  I'll take one!