Monday, September 30, 2013

Reuniting With Old Friends. Great Day!!

Back in the day, 13 years ago and pre children, my husband and I were young party animals.  We were everywhere everynight it seemed.  We had tons of friends that we would get together with at clubs and shows all the time.  Well as we all know, time passes, we grow from kids to adults and marry and start families.  Life happens!!

Yesterday we had been invited to a good friend's 40th birthday party.  Him and his wife are really awesome people and we went to show our love.  Now my husband had seen the birthday boy in the last year once or twice, but I had not seen these people in over 10 years!!  I knew there would be other old friends that I hadn't seen in that long as well.  We have all kept in touch on FB and some on Instagram but hadn't actually seen each other in a decade.  I was so excited!!  But once it came time for me to get myself and the 3 girls ready, I was terrified!!!  Butterflies in the stomach and all!!  I have terrible anxiety as it is and the thought of seeing these people face to face just put me in full on panic mode!  What do I wear?  Some of these people are all much more successful than we are!  They have all heard stories of our rocky times in the past.  What would they think of me? of my kids?  Well I said SCREW IT!!  I put on a pair of skinny jeans with tears in them and a Ramones tank of my favorite outfits...and I was comfortable.  The kids dressed in their usual cute fashions and Nathan, well he looked just like he always does, casual and very handsome.  Off we went.

We had such a blast!!  Food was wonderful and there was beer and wine but no one got hammered.  So it wasn't a crazy, loudmouthed, stumbling atmosphere at all.  After all, we're all adults now, hitting 40 or quickly approaching with multiple children and a few wrinkles.  LOL.  I remember laughing so much.  It felt wonderful to be surrounded by these loving old friends and talking about our changing lives and mostly our children.

We left the party after promising each other that we would get together much more often and even plan ladies nights out and make the men watch the kids!!  Lord knows I need that!!  Anyway it was a wonderful time for everyone.  The kids had a blast and I am so glad that we went.  It's funny how nervous I was and how comfortable I was the moment I set foot in the door and was greeted with an abundance of hugs!!  Love these guys!!