Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So today as I sit in bed with my heating pad AGAIN!! GRR!!  I am making use of the time to put together my plan for the big Halloween Party we are going to next month.  There are nine of us that are getting together with the host to do The Wizard of Oz theme.  Everyone has their assigned  This host is pretty particular on who plays who and how our costumes look.  You should see her house during holidays.  I went to her Christmas party this past year and it was amazing!!  I cannot imagine how much money she has spent over the years on decor and party planning.  Her entire garage is strictly party supplies.  She is darn good at it though and her Halloween party is rumored to be the biggest of the year.  I'm excited!  And a night out with no kids!!!  YIPPIE!!

My assigned character is the Wicked Witch of the East.  I've been trying to put together things I need to buy and make in order to pull this costume off.

1st priority:  Ruby Red Shoes.  I looked online and found I would have to pay about $35 to $45 after shipping just for those!!  No way I say!!  I'm making them myself!!  I think some thrift store shoes and some red shoe dye with fine red glitter or red sequined fabric or sequin strips should work nicely.

2nd:  Black and White Tights...they have those at Party City for $5.99.  Check..I can do that!!

3rd:  The house that fell on me.  Found some ideas on google for this.  Time to get to work.  I think the 2nd one is my goal.

                     So I figure I should be able to do this light weight and low cost with my husband's help.
This one is awesome!!
4th:  The dress to wear as I am not walking around all night with a house on my head or sitting in the corner with a bottle of wine under the house!  Although, that does sound nice!!  I figure I can find a black dress and some witchy fabric to jazz it up with no problem.

5th:  The Witch's hat.  No problem. Found cheap at any party store.

So there we have it!!  Need a trip to Hobby Lobby and a couple of other places and I can begin my transition into The Wicked Witch of the East!!  Wish me luck!!  I will post how my progress is coming as I go along.