Friday, September 13, 2013

To Flu or not to Flu??

I'm finally getting to write this after reading about 6 books to my 3 yr old Sophie.  She is so funny, telling me after every page "Mama, you're silly" while she smiles with her little hand tucked behind her head and her blonde curls going everywhere.  Took this picture last night while we were having some alone time and I was getting some cuddles.

I'm bothered today.  Yesterday I took 2 of my children to the pediatrician.  One for some mosquito bites that had been picked at and had become infected and the other for her 3 year well check.  When I stopped at CVS to get the prescriptions filled I decided to get a flu shot as my insurance paid for it in full.  I thought why not.  I'm waiting on the pharmacists to fill them anyway, so I'll take care of this while I am here.  I have only ever had 1 other flu shot in my life and that was during my pregnancy with my 3 yr old.  After that shot I had no side effects at all.  Felt great and I was happy that I was protecting my daughter from the flu.  
Well yesterday after I had my shot I let my husband know that I did that and he made the decision to do it as well on his way home from work.  Well last night we both started having flu like side effects.  And I mean every side effect you can have we had.  We both felt like crud!  And neither one of us slept well.

Well this morning he is treating me like absolute crap.  He's the worst when it comes to being sick.  GRUMPY!!!  But this morning it was different, like he was mad at me.  So it turns out he blames me for him feeling bad and getting the shot was a bad idea.  Then I see that he is posting on facebook all of his rants about why no one should get the flu shot.  It just made me feel so bad.  I got mine because I have 3 kids that 2 of which are in the public school system and are always bringing home illnesses and they just spread all over the family.  Last year the whole family got the flu and the twins missed a week of school.  My husband missed a week of work and we got way behind on our bills.  I chose to get my shot to try and prevent all of that this year.  Yes, I felt like crap last night and not too much better today but I know that I am protected and so is my husband.  I did it for my family.  Now I just feel like with all of the comments on his post that all of the anti-vaccine people made that everyone knows I did something terrible and made him do it too.  No one backed me at all.  I want to cry.  

And to top it all off, my husband sold his truck so now I have no car anymore!  AND my hairdresser cancelled my haircut appointment while Sophie and I were half way there on our walk to the salon down the road!!!  GRRRRR....  

So, dare I ask??  What's your opinion??  I'm covering my eyes if I get any comments on this one!! LOL